Task 4

Having defined the general area of the project you want to research, the next step is to identify the types of information that is needed to answer the research question(s) or to prove or disprove the research hypothesis. This usually involves translating the general topic/area into more specific sub-areas and headings with relevant information types needed under each. This is very much a “top-down” process of moving from a broad general level to the identification of increasingly specific sub-sets of information requirements.

Guided by the discussion we had in the classroom about Survey Methods and the exercise we did, your task is to identify:

Topic: Fatigue Levels and Size and Type of Fonts in Evening Classes.

The Type of Study





When no or few previous studies exist

Case study, observation and review


To identify and classify

Collate, analyse and summarise data


To extend the descriptive approach

Variable definition


To speculate on future possibilities

Analysis of all available evidence

These types of study have approaches:

·         Quantitative/Qualitative

·         Applied/Basic

·         Deductive/Inductive

For this exercise, I will use a hybrid of approaches to a descriptive type of study. Quantitatively we can measure some very specific attributes, fonts have sizes and shapes. Fatigue also has measureable indicators: heart rate, brain wave patterns and eye movement. Qualitatively we can assess values, attitudes and perceptions.

Grounded theory and experimental research contribute guiding methodologies in our research.

The Hypothesis or Hypotheses

These are initial or tentative explanations, a hypothesis could be considered as an informed guess, it generally indicates the expectations of the researcher, and it is the most specific way to answer a stated problem.

The size and type of fonts used in evening classes between 16:30 and 20:30 has no effect on the levels of fatigue in females aged between 18 and 24.

The fatigue levels in males rises when inappropriate font sizes and types are used.

The fonts and sizes used in evening classes have a negative effect on fatigue levels.

The Sub-Heading

First some clarification, what is meant by?

·         Fatigue

·         What are fonts

·         When is evening


climate control

presentation media


screen size

screen position


presenter audibility

seating comfort

audience participation