Qualify average.

What is the usability?

1.       Don’t make me think!

2.       Each click must be: a mindless unambiguous choice.

3.       Remove half the words on a page, and then remove half of what is left.

a.       The objective is to reduce noise

Guessing is more fun than thinking!

Task 1

First reasonable comment is that it is for the sceptics, (Americans)

Makes assumptions

As I have already thought it is outdated.

One of the first thinks I thought would be useful would be to imagine what it is like to have his extra ordinary ability to forget everything and approach it for the first time.

First thing – what’s a language?

Then how do my eyes offer an interpretation of what is before me? All of which means nothing. So he can offer no interpretation to himself of what a button is let alone understand what the rest of us may interrupt a text.

So his views are about reducing the, what our sciences, call noise. Until he reaches a point where he may be able to determine the differences between this and that.

So at some point he must apply a value judgement on what is text and what construct maybe considered as a button.

At which point he just starts clicking. This is counter intuitive to what he’s actually doing – which is: “thinking! “; and, evaluating the “information noise” his eyes together with other senses are transmitting to his brain, which in my concept of understanding has an inability to create a memory map. At which point he’s stuck. Because he uses terms like: navigation and orientation. Question: where does he get that from?

What is a button, and where does the exact definition of what may be interpreted as a button come from, or does he just keep clicking until the noise level changes, at which point he has less than 1 minutes, to evaluate the noise sample before him, determine the differences between that and the noise from the previous screen rendition and make judgements. At which point he’s going to keep clicking until he sees a change, and now he’s run out time and is stuck, because he has forgotten. So in his inability to remember anything – how does he prequalify what noise may be text, and what noise maybe considered as a button, link, text or graphic.

So what is a button, insert dictionary definition of a button, first: dam it, choices? Next what is text? So given that for the next n seconds he can remember how to differentiate the differences in noise, he just starts clicking until some. So what value is a web site with a 1 minuet memory capacity? So he’s stuck. Or his processing capacity has the ability to unjumberlerate information faster than the next question he may use a web site to find answers with. So has he helped himself by asking the world of internet web site designers to reduce the amount of noise, organise that noise in a quickly interpretable format, but there are no standards, meaning, my web site is my own# and how I determine navigation beyond the original resolution of a URL is up to me, and no one else.


How quickly is able recognise changes in noise level?

Would he talk to us on Skype?