Andrew Jones Project Scope


Statement of Project Scope


Prepared for Tricia Kosuth-Phillips    on      25/ 10/ 2009

Prepared by Andrew Jones……………………………



1. General Project Information

Project name: RECORD Data Portal Statistical Enhancements

Funder/sponsor: Luck Lunla, RECORD

Project Manager: Luck Lunla

2. Problem/Opportunity Statement

RECORD is currently in the process of developing a data portal. This web based package will allow users to access RECORD data from their own personal computers. The focus is on geographical and taxonomic statistics utilising the current datasets. 

3. Project Objectives

To enable RECORD Data Portal to provide a graphed and statistical analysis for the species from the RECORD database

4. Project Description

A new information system will be constructed that will enable the graphical representation of statistical data from the RECORD database.

5. Business Benefits:

Improve understanding of the data and statistical analysis available to user groups.

6. Project Deliverables:

Statistical package

Systems analysis



7. Estimated Project Duration:

Completion is to be 31st March 2010