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Introduction. 3

Project Goals. 3

Executive Summary. 3

Scope. 3

General Project Information. 3

Problem/Opportunity Statement 3

Project Objectives. 3

Project Description. 3

System boundary: 4

Business Benefits: 4

Estimated Project Duration: 4

Feasibility. 4

Resource requirement 4

Project Deliverables. 5

Project Schedule. 5

Supporting Plans. 5

Human Resource Plan. 5

Communications Plan. 6

Risk Management Plan. 6

Research. 7

Question 1. 7

Question 2. 7

Question 3. 7

Question 5. 7

Conclusion. 7




This document aims to present the: project goals, scope, project deliverables, project schedule and supporting plans for the project. It will consider the feasibility of the project as a whole and requirements necessary for its successful completion.

Project Goals

Executive Summary

RECORD is the local biological record centre serving Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and Wirral – ‘The Cheshire region’. The centre provides a local facility for the storage; validation and usage of the Cheshire based biological data under the Nation Biodiversity Network (NBN) project.

RECORD aims to record and investigate all the different species of wildlife in the Cheshire region and provide the public with the help they need to collate and log information.

RECORD is currently in the process of developing a Data Portal, this web based package will allow users to access RECORD data from their own personal computers. The project is to work on the existing datasets to provide a statistical analysis of geographic and taxonomic species related data. This project is known as the Data Portal Statistical Enhancements project.


General Project Information

Project name: RECORD Data Portal Statistical Enhancements

Funder/sponsor: Luck Lunla, RECORD

Project Manager: Luck Lunla

Problem/Opportunity Statement

RECORD is currently in the process of developing a data portal. This web based package will allow users to access RECORD data from their own personal computers. The focus is on geographical and taxonomic statistics utilising the current datasets.

Project Objectives

To facilitate provide a graphed and statistical analysis for species selected via RECORD Data Portal querying from the RECORD database.

Project Description

A new information system will be constructed that will enable the graphical representation of statistical data from the RECORD database.

System boundary:

§  Database structure

Business Benefits:

Improve understanding of the data and statistical analysis available to user groups.

Estimated Project Duration:


The project as outlined is feasible.

Resource requirement

Resources for the project include:

Project Deliverables

The following tasks and deliverables reflect the current understanding of the project:

In Analysis

In Design

In Implementation

The project will implement a Data Portal tab for statistical enhancements which facilitates a statistical analysis of the taxonomical species.

Statistical models are yet to be defined.

Project Schedule

Supporting Plans

Human Resource Plan



Role within the Project

Andrew Jones

Project Worker

Main worker on the project

Luck Lunla

Project Manager and IT officer

Project Manager and resource co-ordinator

Hannah Wood

IT assistant

Resources management

Eric Fletcher



Communications Plan

Communications for the project are relatively simple close contact is kept Luck Lunla to ensure that the project is progressing as to his wants and needs. Other areas of communication include:



Contact Information

Andrew Jones

Project Worker

Luck Lunla

Project Manager and IT officer

Hannah Wood

IT assistant

Eric Fletcher


Risk Management Plan



·         Just because Data Portal Statistical Enhancement can be used does not mean RECORD will find it useful.

·         Carry out research to ensure that the proposed developments are what the key or primary users of the data portal want

·         The types of analysis and the mix of chart types

·         Ensure that the analysis is what is required by RECORD and that there are a mix of chart types

·         Weather

·         Ensure that I will be able to walk to the RECORD office

·         Complex classification system

·         Ensure that the presentation of information simplifies the complexities of the classification system

·         Links to the NBN data system

·         Ensure that the external links to the NBN data system are as speedy as possible

·         Licensing graph tools

·         The graphing tool for use with ASP.NET has to be free

·         Poor goal setting and a lack of clarity in project management

·         Ensure that I understand what is expected of me and when it is to be delivered


Question 1

Chart 1 How often do you use RECORD's enquiry service

Question 2

Chart 2 Would a statistical presentation of data be helpful

Question 3

Chart 3 What statistics would you like to see presented

Question 5

Chart 4 What form would you like to see the statistical analysis presented in


In brief the project is both feasible and achievable. The research carried out supports a user demand for the proposed Data Portal Statistical Enchantments. Meeting the requirements of RECORD will prove to be equally academically challenging and personally developmental.