Systems Analysis

Interview Questions

Interviewee: Liam Bentley, Head of Year

Interviewer: Andrew Jones

Interview Date: 03/12/2009

Interview Location: Handbridge College


Thank you for agreeing to see me. Hello my name is Andrew Jones and I’m here to interview you about the schools UCAS Application Management System. The interview hopes to cover 10 areas and comprises about 25 questions. If there are any questions that you do not wish to answer or would like more time to answer please let me know. Again, if at any time you feel you would like to stop the interview please feel free to do so.


How many pupils are there in years 10, 11 and 12?

About 300 per year group

Why not move, straight, to the web based system?

We first want a working system that will do the job. We are not geared up for a web based system.

Current System

What happens currently?

The current system is a paper based system, within which the pupils are arranged alphabetically as they complete their application forms and personal statements.

It is a manual based physically managed system, and as such individual students’ records can be misfiled or mixed up with other records.

How many years has the current system been running?

Mr Bentley has been in position for the last five years, and the system was already in place when he arrived. At least 6 years.

What do you value most in the current system?

The current system contains all of the information pertaining to the students; it contains all the universities and incorporates the students’ personal statements.

Its’ principle downside is that it is just not readily accessible.


How long does it take to complete a personal statement?

The personal statements are completed by the students, the head of year only guides and reviews them.

How many people will have access to the system?

Just the head of year in this instance, in future it be that the solution is networked.

Would they be happy using password and user names as security?

Yes, also feel that we should advise on the general and specific levels of security.

What happens to the “Extra” students?

It may be useful in the future to track non university applications

Possible Solutions

What are the most important areas for the new system to deliver to be considered as successful?

Weekly reports detailing the overall progress of the students.

That the process be straight forwards to use.

What degree of training do think would be appropriate?

Mr Bentley considers himself to be computer literate so feels that: “a short run through” with a good user guide, a detailed help file, about ½ days training and telephone support would be adequate.


What budgetary resources are available for the project?

The total available for the project is £10,000. This figure is to include everything: hardware, software, the system it’s self and training.

How big do you want the system to be?

A standalone single user access system is all that is required.

Would the web based system be fully internet compatible?

Question not asked


Are the reports paper or screen and print?

Both, Mr Bentley would like to review them on screen and print them as required for filing, presentations and the like.

How long do you think the project will take?

In total six months from now.

What do you want most from the system?

The reporting features are the most wanted thing from the new system

What information do you need from the new system that you do not have currently?

None, the current system contains all the information; it’s just not readily accessible.

User requirements

What do you feel are the key or core user requirements?

Question not asked.


Question not asked.


What are, as you see them the core benefits of moving to a new system?

More reliable and less time consuming.


Question not asked

What would you recommend as a solution to the UCAS application system?

Question not asked.


Thank you very much for your time and the answers you have provided. The information will be used in the preparation of a feasibility report for the UCAS Application Management System. We can provide a copy of the completed interview if you require it. Do you have any questions for me?