CO4047 Web Design

Assignment 1

Andrew Jones
Goal Statement

The objective is to create an on-line version of the Hoole Indian Take Away menu. Offering all of the facilities of the menu; including: contact details, location, a general outline of services, a detailed description of their food menu items with pricing and start the process of establishing an online identity for the Hoole Indian Take Away.

Target Audience

The target audience for this on-line menu are the World Wide Web using population local to Chester. Further refinement can be applied by saying that the target audience in addition to being web users actively eat take away food in particular curry.

User Requirements

Accessibility for the site is representing the menu items in clear un-fussy fonts and layouts.

The site should be very straightforward to use, with simple clear unambiguous navigation.

A principle user requirement for the site is the provision of contact details for the Hoole Indian Take Away. Together with an outline indication of their location, in case users of the site would like to visit the real world premises.

The site will provide a clear instantly recognizable outline of services that go beyond the take away food items.

The site will make available an explanation of the food menu items available from the Hoole Indian Take Away and start the process of establishing an online identity for the take away business.

At this stage the principal limitation of the site is that there is no on-line ordering, this will be considered as a future site development.

Structure Diagram

For a more detailed structured diagrammatic outline see the included pdf, HooleIndianTakeAway site map.pdf

Gantt Chart

Test Plan




  • Examine the site by loading each of the pages, making certain that it loads and displays correctly.

  • Ensure that the navigational links on each of the pages operates.

  • Check that the correct page loads from each of the navigational links.

  • Ensure that each of the graphics displays the alt tags correctly.

  • Ensure that each of the graphics displays, as it should.

  • Ensure that all styles display correctly and that text is legible.


The site is a real world application for the Hoole Indian Take Away restaurant and as such will exceed the page number guide of the assignment of 8 pages, being in total 15 pages. The total number of pages is to facilitate usability and navigation, meeting one of the principle user requirements of simplicity.


In looking at the assignment as a hole I would allow more time for the design phase and story boards, providing more a more detailed approach to the story boards, that said the story boards that i have laid out are the exception principal with each page that is different requiring a layout page and story board.


Following the test plan there was some re-coding work necessary to ensure that the table tag nowrap displays correctly in Firefox. It was not rapping the table and as such presented some of page too wide for the design layout of 955 pixels wide.


Another minor design change was to reduce the total number of styles, changing the font sizes for easier readability and accessibility. This design change could have been pickup and implemented in the story boards where about 17 distinct styles were identified for use, as it was the site only used 14, not a huge reduction but a noticeable one.


The people that have seen the development site have found it easy to use, with clear concise navigation ensuring that they never got lost exploring the sites various page offers. The contact details were simple to use and find with a link from each page back to the main contacts page. Their exploration of the main products pages threw up no major surprises with the food menu items laid out clearly and concisely, allowing them to order their food with the minimum of effort and fuss, also they were able to calculate the bill value so there were no financial surprises.


Clearly setting the project out in the formal layout of the assignment help greatly to ensure that no particular area of the project took over. The gantt chart ensured that the site development followed clearly thought through timelines, and applying the same philosophy to the balance to the assignments has ensure that there is a balance throughout the project.